Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Skates Overview


The 2S Pro is the latest flagship model in the ever popular Bauer Supreme skate line.

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skates replace the Bauer Supreme 1S which first hit our skate wall in 2016. The 2S Pro maintains a familiar ‘Supreme look’ with many new features to catch the attention of current Supreme users and non-Supreme users alike.  

Some of the upgrades include improved thermoformability (Boot, Tongue, Insole), 2nd Gen Eyelet system and Black carbon-coated steel. If you think these upgrades don’t sound all that great, the performance benefits are.

Tech Spec:

Level: Elite
Volume Profile: Mid
Heel Pocket: Mid
Instep: Mid
Ankle Wrap: Mid
Stiffness: Pro
Sizing: Supreme Fit – No change. 


Supreme Fit

The 2018 Bauer Supreme skate line continues and improves upon the Supreme fit story. Designed for a mid-profile foot shape, with an anatomical fit in the ankle and heel, Supreme skates help deliver maximum power to each stride.

If you’re familiar with a Supreme fit, sliding on the 2S Pros will be a familiar feeling. New to the 2S Pros are the upgrades in thermoformable properties in the boot to the tongue, and in the footbed. This allows for your fit to be customised in store.

3D-Lasted Carbon Curv Composite Boot

Starting with the boot, the 2S Pro is constructed using Bauer’s ultra-lightweight, and highly protective 3D-lasted Carbon Curv Composite. You will recognise Curv Composite from other high end Bauer skates and Vapor protective gear. It is used on these high end products because it offers the elite combination of being both ultra-lightweight and highly protective.

In addition, it is also a fantastic material to use for creating complex structures. This enables Bauer to exploit this using their 3D lasting process to create the anatomical contours around the forefoot, ankle and heel bone.

We think this Carbon Curv Composite version is the best we’ve seen to date. It has enhanced thermoformable properties which allow our team to dial in a customised fit after the skates have had a bake in the Bauer skate oven.

The next level of power has arrived. The #2SPro skates are available in store & online at now! #SUPREME2SPRO #1skate

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Reflex Pro Tongue

The Reflex Pro tongue ticks all of the boxes, providing improved performance, fit, protection and comfort.

The three-piece, 52oz felt tongue construction with thermoformable inserts feels comfortable right out of the box. Comfort levels only increase once the heat mouldable elements form to your foot after baking. The Reflex Pro tongue is similar to the Reflex tongue found on the Vapor 1X skate, you may think it is the same tongue, but it does come with a few modifications.

The Reflex Pro tongue features composite moulded inserts for increased protection. The inserts are segmented to ensure mobility is not impacted. Unlike the tongue found on the 1X Skates, the Reflex Pro tongue has yellow inserts between the composite inserts. These act to hep spring your foot back to neutral, taking the place of the inserts found on previous Supreme tongues.

To achieve a dialled in fit, the internal material of the tongue will form during heat moulding and adjust to the volume and shape of your instep.

LS5 Carbon – Black Steel

With the availability of Step Black Steel and CCM Speedblade Black, we’ve been eagerly anticipating the release of Bauer’s own Black Steel for a while now. It’s finally here, it’s the LS5 Carbon, and it comes as standard on the 2S Pro Skates.

But what’s the fuss about Black Steel?! Regular Stainless steel used in standard runners is hard enough to be sharpened and cut through the ice, but as we all know will lose its edges eventually. The softness of stainless steel is also a benefit, this allows the blade to bend slightly during skating when you turn and stop. This bending makes the skating experience smoother, and less stressful on your joints.

This is where the carbon coated black steel comes in. A smoother skating experience and durable, quality sharpening!

If you imagine the steel to be like a sandwich. The carbon coating on either side providing a harder surface, inside sits the softer stainless steel. The black carbon coating is only on the blade edges, not on the exposed hollow that you skate on.

Our staff have tested the LS5 Carbon when trying out the 2S Pro skates. We all felt there was an increased edge bite with great glide. If you want to maximise your performance, it may be worthwhile to drop to a shallower hollow to benefit from increased glide whilst still getting that great edge control.

If you are in the market for a steel upgrade, the LS5 Carbon is certainly worth considering. It is compatible with existing TUUK Edge holders and will give an extended edge life with improved performance.

Injection Moulded Eyelet System

The 2S Pro injected moulded eyelet system is slightly different to than on the 1S. The material itself is slightly softer in the lower half to provide an improved wrap around the forefoot. The upper half has been straightened to encourage and improved forward flexion.

The individual eyelets feature the T-shaped locking mechanism to ensure your laces stay tight during a game. If you’re that player always re-tying your laces on the bench these eyelets will assist you greatly.

Customizable Lacing

It’s not the automatic lacing system from Back to the Future, but a change to the eyelet system to add three additional options in-between the top 4 eyelets. The additional three eyelets are offset and sit closer towards the ankle bone.

Customisable lacing has been an option in other sports for a while, most recently with the new Puma Football boots with Netfit lacing. These custom lacing systems share the same idea, which is to enable you to customize your lacing style to optimize comfort and performance.

If you look carefully at the pro level where players and coaches are experimenting and looking for an edge in balance, support and mobility you’ll see a range of lacing styles. Some players drop an eyelet, some drop two, some skip an eyelet, some skip a few. The extra eyelets on the 2S Pro will give you scope to experiment with your lacing configuration to see what works best for you.  

Lock-Fit Pro Liner

The new liner in the 2S Pro is the Lock-Fit Pro liner. Inspired by the two tired liner popular amongst Pro players, it features a moisture wicking upper portion to help keep your feet dry. The lower portion of the liner is all about keeping your foot locked in place to maximise your stride. To lock your foot in place, the lower part liner utilises a grippy material.

C-Flex Technology Tendon Guard with Custom Inserts

Carrying over from the 1S Skate is the C-Flex tendon guard with custom inserts. The skates come with a Mid and Stiff insert to customise the level of flexion to your skating stride and preference. If you want more flexion, simply remove the insert for maximum flexion.

Increased energy transfer and power in every stride. Introducing SPEED PLATE 2.0, available this Friday! — The 2nd generation of Speed Plate is fully customizable with a unique structural support system that delivers on the promise of performance. Increased durability and additional comfort are additional features with the 2.0! Available on the new Supreme 2S Pro skates and aftermarket for those players who are looking for an extra boost to their game! #Supreme2SPro #SpeedPlate2.0 #CustomFit @jackeichel11

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Speed Plate 2.0

The initial Speed Plate worked well, but there was always room to improve the comfort and durability.

Featuring a fully thermoformable recovery alloy composite and an anatomical metatarsal support pad for enhanced power output, the Speed Plate 2.0 helps you get the most out of every stride.

Improving upon the first-generation speed plate, the 2.0 utilises a thicker mid density top foam layer to cover high impact areas for premium comfort and durability. Furthermore, the stiffness of the Ortho-resin base was re-engineered with a more pliable, softer design for improved thermoformability and overall comfort. 

An enhanced stabilizing grip application ensures your foot is locked into your skate, giving you ultimate control.


Parting Shots

The Bauer Supreme 2S Pro skate is undoubtedly Bauer’s most technologically advanced skate to date. It is also one of the more eye-catching in person, it jumps out at you on the skate wall. Whilst some of the changes may not sound the sexiest, when combined in one package they make for a performance skate that is the most explosive skate in hockey.

Available in:

Senior - Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Senior Skates
Junior - Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Junior Skates

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