Ben Bowns 2018 Cardiff Devils setup

Ben's 2018 Cardiff Devils setup consists of Bauer Supreme 2S Pro Pads and Blocker, with a CCM Premier II catcher.

The Pads and Blocker are from Bauer’s new True Design program. Ben is one of the first goalies outside of the NHL and KHL to receive their True Design pads, so a massive stick tap to the guys at Bauer for helping to make this happen!

The Bauer True Design program enables goalies to let their imagination run wild, and have practically any design printed onto the CORTECH ST skin of the pads. (There are brand guidelines the design must adhere to). The graphics are digitally printed rather than traditional leather or screen printing. The print has a special coating to ensure the design will not fade or deteriorate over time. 

The Bauer True Design program will be rolled out in due course, allowing goalies to realise almost limitless design capabilities with no added weight, or impact upon performance and durability. Stay tuned for more details on the full launch.

The CCM Premier II Catcher rounds out the setup. As we do in store, we always want players and goalies to choose the gear that best works for their game in terms of fit and performance. With Ben this is no different. After years of experience with various brands and models, Ben wanted to opt for the CCM glove for this season. He has one game ready glove, and a pro practice glove. 

We will have an interview with Ben coming up which will give more insight into some of the modifications he chose to have in his setup. Addressing why he choose to configure his setup in this way, what inspired the design, and of course the glove combo choice which has no doubt triggered 99.9999% of goalies.  

Update: Some of the products mentioned in this article are no longer available. Why not check out our article on Ben's set-up for the 2022 season or check out the latest ice hockey goalie gear

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