Ice Hockey Shooting Pads

These ice hockey shooting pads allow you to develop your shooting technique and accuracy. Providing a smooth surface, they are designed for use with ice hockey pucks and balls .

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    Puck Stop Shooting Pad
    Stilmat Hockey Tile
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    Bauer Synthetic Ice Tiles White 25 Pack Skateable
    Bauer Synthetic Ice Tile SS Rebounder Rubber
    Bauer Reactor Balance Board
    Bauer Synthetic Ice Tile SS Puck Stopper Curb
    Bauer Dryland Training Tiles 10 Pack
    Bauer Reactor Skating/Slide Board
    Bauer Reactor Shooting Pad Large
    Bauer Reactor Shooting Pad Medium
    Bauer Reactor Shooting Pad Small
    Bauer Dryland Training Tiles 25 Pack
    Bauer Synthetic Ice Tile SS Square Curb
    Bauer Reactor Shooting Kit