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From locker room to ice, rink to bench and back again, our range of hockey clothing accessories will keep you stylish and comfortable. Whether you’re after a pair of sunglasses or a set of winter woolies, our lifestyle accessories have you covered for every season.

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    Howies Hockey Lace Bracelet
    Black White Yellow
    Bauer Skate Lace Bracelet
    Blade Shades Blackeye Sunglasses - Red
    Blade Shades Goon Sunglasses
    Bauer Polartech Gloves Senior
    Blade Shades Supremacy Sunglasses
    Blade Shades Blackeye Sunglasses - Chrome
    Blade Shades Jetflow Sunglasses
    Blade Shades Blood Sunglasses
    Bauer Oofos NG Sport Flex Slide Black
    Bauer Oofos NG Sport Slide Grey
    Bauer Next Game Recovery Sleeve
    Blade Shades Goalie Sunglasses - White
    Blade Shades Goalie Sunglasses - Black