Equipment Repairs

Skate Heat Moulding

Heat moulding skates is essential to making a skate fit properly and make the skates more comfortable from the beginning for the skater. Most modern skates are constructed using thermoformable materials and are intended to be heat moulded to help dial in your perfect fit. The ideal way of heat moulding boots is to heat them in a skate oven in store.

Heat moulding at home is not recommended and will void the warranty.Puck Stop Skate Heat MouldingHow much does heat moulding skates cost? 

As part of our fitting service, the first heat moulding will be offered free of charge. The charge to heat mould skates not purchased from Puck Stop will be £20.  

Please note that not all boots are heat mouldable. Ask our staff for advice. 

We always recommend resting the boots for 24hrs before using the skates again. 

Boot Stretching and/or Punching

Sometimes, even after heat moulding, some boots may still cause discomfort in certain areas as all feet are unique.

We can help remedy this by offering a general stretching or a more local punching of the boot. Come to store and speak to our trained staff and they will be able to advise on the best way to remedy the issue.Skate StretchingStretching will take some time and will require you leaving the skates with us for a few days. 

Punching can be done while you wait. 

How much does Skate stretching and punching cost? 

  • Boot stretching: £10 
  • Boot punching: £5 each 

Skate Rivets

Rivets are commonly used by hockey skate manufacturers to mount holders or chassis to the skate boot. Over time, the rivets can come loose or rusty and may need replacing. This is a job that requires specialist tools. Skate Rivet ReplacementWe can offer the service while you wait during quiet times. During peak times we might require you to leave the skates overnight in order to complete the job. 

How much does replacing my skate rivets cost? 

  • Steel rivet: £1 each 
  • Copper rivet: £1.50 each


Over time, eyelets can rust, loosen or break. They will need replacing as soon as you notice a change to avoid more strain being put on the skates while lacing and skating. Leaving it too late and you might risk the eyelet tearing through. 

We can offer the service while you wait during quiet times. During peak times we might require you to leave the skates overnight in order to complete the job. 

How much does replacing my skate eyelets cost? 

  • Eyelet: £1 each 

Conversions or replacement of chassis or holders

Whether your holder or chassis broke or you would like to turn your ice skates to inline skates or vice versa, here at Puck stop we can offer this service for you. 

As it is a job which requires precision, you will be required to leave the skates with us for a few days. Not all skates can be converted, so we will contact you should we encounter issues. 

How much does a skate conversion cost? 

  • Mount a pair of Chassis/Holders on to a skate: £40 

Other repairs and services

As part of our services, we are able to offer certain repairs: stitching, patching, .. 

If you have an issue with a piece of equipment which need a little care and attention, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will assess the issue. We will email you back and let you know if it is repairable by us. If not we might be able to point you in the right direction.  

Please note, we do not re-palm gloves.