RocketGrip Ice Hockey Stick grips

What is a RocketGrip?

RocketGrip has been designed and developed to provide the best grip on your Hockey stick whilst preserving the life of your hockey gloves.


What RocketGrip styles are there?

There are three different styles of RocketGrip to cater for different preferences in terms of feel and levels of grip.


RUBBER RocketGrip

As the name suggests, a Rubber grip type that feels somewhere between tennis tape and silicone grips in terms of ‘rubberiness’.

RocketGrip Rubber 1

The Rubber RocketGrip is available in a variety of colours, including plain and camo styles.

FABRIC RocketGrip

Of all the RocketGrip types, this feels the most tape-like, but with enhanced structural filaments for a solid grip on the stick

HOLE RocketGrip

A firmer type of grip with hole technology that provides a locked in feeling during play when you need it.

RocketGrip Hole 1

RocketGrip Hole 3

RocketGrip Hole 2

The Hole RocketGrip is available in a variety of colours, including plain, flag and camo styles.


How do I install a RocketGrip on my Hockey stick?

RocketGrip Install 1

Step 1. - Create the Relief

Start with creating a preferred relief, which will be under the grip. Use rings between fingers or simply apply grip over the old tape job.

RocketGrip Install 2

Step 2. - Center

Use your thumb to center the grip in the middle of the ice hockey stick, hold it until Step 4.

RocketGrip Install 3

Step 3. - Leave 1 cm

It is important to leave around 1cm from the knob out before applying the heat to the ice hockey grip

RocketGrip Install 4

Step 4. - Start from the Top

First and foremost you have to start from the knob side, remember to hold your thumb as long as top has shrunken fully and is fixed. USE ONLY HEAT GUN FOR FABRIC AND RUBBER GRIPS

RocketGrip Install 5

Step 5. - Slowly Rotate

When applying the grip, slowly rotate the hockey stick, it should shrink on all sides equally

RocketGrip Install 6

Step 6. - You are Ready

Lastly let it cool down for a few minutes and you are ready to hit the ice

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