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    Knapper Ball Hockey FAQs

    Wearing ball hockey gloves can significantly improve your grip on the stick, which is essential for precise ball control, shooting, and passing. Good-quality gloves like our AK7 ball hockey gloves are designed with materials that provide a solid grip even in intense play or sweaty conditions.

    The fit of your ball hockey gloves is down to your personal preference. Some players prefer a snug fit for a better feel of the stick and precise control, while others prefer a looser fit for greater wrist mobility. Regardless of your preference, it's important that the glove fits comfortably, allows sufficient movement, and doesn't slip off during play.

    Start by wearing your gloves during casual or light play sessions, allowing the materials to flex and conform to your hand's shape. In addition, wearing your gloves at home during non-play times can help accelerate the break-in process. With time and use, your gloves will become more pliable and comfortable, providing an optimal fit and feel.

    Choosing the right size of ball hockey gloves is crucial to both your comfort and performance in the game. Refer to our size chart and measure your hand from the base of your palm to the tip of your middle finger.

    The ideal length of ball hockey shin guards varies from person to person, as it depends on the length of the individual's lower leg. A properly sized shin guard should sit comfortably from just above your ankle to just below your knee. Refer to our sizing chart for a more precise fit.

    Wearing shin guards during ball hockey games offers numerous benefits, including protection against injuries from impacts and collisions. They can prevent serious damage to your shins, a particularly vulnerable part of your body during play. Furthermore, knowing you're protected can boost your confidence, allowing you to play more aggressively and take calculated risks.