Ice Hockey Goalie Pad Accessories

With the amount of saves you're making, your pads may need a little TLC. Find the straps and buckles you'll need to keep them in game shape.

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    Bauer Goal Elastic Toe System S22 - Pair
    Black White
    Nash Pad Rotator Goalie Toe Tie System
    Nash Puck Out Puck Mark Remover
    Goalie Knee Strap - Mushroom Style (Pair)
    Black White
    Goalie Leg Strap 34” (Pair)
    Black White
    A&R Goalie Toe Buckle - Pair
    Black White
    A&R Toe Bridge Screw Set - Pair
    HD Foam Goalie Toe Bridge
    Black White
    Bauer Vapor Tune Fit Connect Strap-Pair
    A&R Goalie Slick Clip
    A&R Goalie Top Buckle - Mushroom Style
    Black White
    A&R HD Foam Goalie Toe Bridge
    Black White
    A&R Goalie Pad Buckle 1”
    A&R Goalie Pad Buckle 1.5”