BAUER FitLab at Puck Stop

Step into the future of skate performance.

Welcome to the most advanced skate fitting experience in hockey.

Designed with a focus on performance, BAUER FitLab uses new, state-of-the-art scanning technology to identify unique qualities of your feet to recommend different pieces of performance to positively impact your stride.

With this premium, hands-on experience, you can build your perfect skate from the ice up and take your skating to the next level.


The BAUER FitLab fitting process is made up of four steps; scan, analyse, build, and fit.

01 - SCAN

First up, Our Puck Stop skate fitting expert will scan your feet using the state of the art Aetrex scanning technology. The scanning experience will provide players with complete data about their unique feet and gait.

The comprehensive data collection includes fundamental 3D measurements of each foot (i.e. length, width, girth, instep height, arch height, etc.), a detailed 3D rendering of the feet, and a pressure distribution analysis underfoot, both static pressure (standing) and dynamic pressure (moving).


Utilising the detailed 3D models of the feet along with the pressure distribution analysis, our team will be able to provide players with a deeper understanding of their unique foot characteristics and will receive product solutions tailored to their individual needs for ideal fit and performance. 

03 - BUILD

With the scan and analysis complete, we will know the unique qualities of a players feet. Using this knowledge, we will build the performance with the right sock, orthotic, runner, and profile for their goals.

04 - FIT

Finally, we will fit the skates combining all pieces of performance with the right size and skate model. Rounding out the fitting process will be heating, moulding, profiling, and sharpening the skates.


Finding the right skate that fits is only half of the equation. The BAUER FitLab also consists of additional pieces of performance spanning across five categories that feature products and plus-ups meticulously curated to help enhance your skate’s performance.

Skate Socks – Skate socks are more than just a buffer between your foot and skate. Each of our socks have been designed to provide benefits ranging from comfort, support, protection, and warmth.

Skate Orthotics – Proper foot support not only helps with comfort, it’s a major key to performance. Our three distinct orthotic options have been designed to counteract things like over-pronation, high arches, and forefoot pressure.

Holder & Steel – What’s happening below the boot is just as important as what’s happening inside it. Two holder and two steel options give you the ability to fine-tune your skates for peak on-ice performance.

Profiling & Sharpening – You can only be sharp on the ice with blades that are sharp. Whether you want more bite or glide, the right hollow can have an immediate impact on your game. Go one step further by adding a PROSHARP BAUER performance profile to your steel for an even bigger performance boost you can feel in every stride.

Custom Skates – Nothing performs like custom MyBAUER skates. Turn your BAUER FitLab scan into a pair of one-of-kind skates built specifically for your foot. And with hundreds of colour, material, and personalization combos, it’s easy to make a skate that’s all you.