Bauer Nexus Sync Stick Family


Featuring a mix of technologies that focus on a combination of weight reduction and durability, this is the lightest collection of sticks Bauer has ever brought to market! 

After hours of research and development both on-ice and in-lab testing combined with player feedback, Bauer found that improving the blade was key to making strides to improve stick feel. Armed with this information, they developed a construction method that maximises feel throughout the Nexus stick family.

Right from the entry Nexus E3’s Cell Core technology to the Connectech on the flagship SYNC stick, each model features a new innovation to enhance puck feel in all situations.

Bauer Nexus Sync ER Spine 1

Furthermore, Bauer has introduced ER SPINE technology on every model in the Sync Family! 

ER SPINE helps contours the hand for better control and removes excess carbon fibre layers to make it easier to flex, allowing the stick to do the work. By bringing the technology to all sticks from SYNC to the E3 it can help players at all skill levels and price points.


Introducing the Bauer Nexus Sync Ice Hockey Stick. This stick has replaced the Nexus Geo as Bauer’s top elite stick in the Nexus family. 

Bauer Nexus Sync 1


The first talking point here is weight. Bauer has reduced the SYNC stick down by 25 grams versus Nexus Geo, coming in at 365 grams for the senior stick!

The weight saving comes as a result of Bauer’s new ACL 2.0 technology. The evolution of this technology enables the use of thinner, more premium carbon fibre layers on the interior of the stick.

Thinner layers mean that in the construction process the layers can be more strategically stacked to both reduce weight whilst not sacrificing durability. 

A weight reduction by 25 grams ultimately leads to a more dynamic and faster release every time you shoot the puck.

Bauer Nexus Sync 2

Feel and Blade Technology

Feel is super important in Nexus sticks, this is where the new Connect Tech Technology comes in. 

Bauer received a lot of positive feedback during testing and from players about the blade core and the feel of the puck on the previous Geo blade. It combined a lightweight, stiff foam with the response layer which improved feel, whilst the stiff foam helps with a quicker release.

So, not wanting to deviate from the Blade Core for Sync, it features the same blade core as the Geo. 

To improve the feel on the SYNC, Bauer has extended the response layer found in the Blade Core, and made it flow through the entire shaft of the stick. This helps to enhance puck feel by dampening those vibrations from a harder pass or loading up for one timers.

Game Notes

As a result of player feedback, Bauer has made the Nexus Sync longer.

  • Senior 77 and 87 flex sticks are two inches longer, going from 60 to 62 inches. The 72 flex senior stick will remain at that 60-inches. 
  • Intermediate 55 and 65 flex sticks are one inch longer, going from 57 to 58 inches.



The new Nexus E5 PRO stick replaces the 3N PRO as Bauer’s second elite price point for the Nexus family. 

Bauer Nexus E5 Pro 1


The weight of the E5 Pro is dramatically reduced compared to the 3N PRO. The E5 Pro is now the lightest stick ever at this price point- coming in at 390 grams

The E5 Pro is now a similar weight to the previous Bauer flagship model sticks! 

Bauer has been able to shed weight by utilising their new SPREAD TOW CARBON fibre. Spread Tow Carbon Fibre spreads 3,000 filaments of carbon fibre into thin carbon tapes and weaves them together, allowing for a super accurate construction process resulting in thinner layers, and less material which results in a weight saving.

Like the new ACL 2.0 technology, this enables Bauer to be able to reduce the weight without sacrificing durability.

Bauer Nexus E5 Pro 2

Feel and Blade Technology

The E5 Pro features Bauer’s dual cell bridge core technology. It is named ‘Dual Cell’ as there are dual density foams used in the blade core construction.

A softer foam is used on the bottom and a lighter foam on top. The result is an increase in feel where the puck contacts the softer foam, whilst reducing the weight of the blade thanks to the lighter foam.

The E5 Pro also features a carbon bridge down the middle of that blade hence the ‘bridge’ part of the name. The carbon bridge provides stability and helps with overall puck control. 

By combining this new blade core with the lightest stick ever at this price point, you get a stick with a faster and more dynamic release versus the 3N PRO.



The Nexus E4 stick replaces the Nexus 3N as Bauer’s top stick in the performance category. The performance category sits between the elite and beginner stick price points.

Bauer Nexus E4 1


Thanks to the amount of carbon fibre used in this stick's construction, it features a best in class weight of 425 grams

Bauer Nexus E4 2

Feel and Blade Technology

The E4 features Bauer’s DUAL CELL TECHNOLOGY. 

That means the blade has a mix of two different forms, a softer form on the bottom to help enhance puck feel and a lighter foam on the top to help reduce weight.

A second key construction feature to enhance weight reduction and feel is the use of 100% carbon fibre in the blade. Throughout extensive athlete testing at this price point, Bauer drew a direct correlation between the best feeling sticks with the amount of carbon fibre that was used in the blade. Bauer followed their results and have enhanced the amount of carbon fibre at this price point.

When you combine this new blade core and the reduction in weight, there is a more dynamic release versus its counterpart 3N.



The Nexus E3 stick replaces the Nexus N37 as Bauer’s second performance price point in the Nexus family.

Bauer Nexus E3 1


With the increase of Carbon Fibre used in the E3’s construction, the weight of the stick has been reduced by 15 grams versus the N37 coming in at 450 grams.

Bauer Nexus E3 2

Feel and Blade Technology

To ensure innovation and increased value at every price point, Bauer have increased the amount of carbon fibre in the blade of the E3 by 60%. Bauer’s athlete studies have shown that this will enhance puck feel, and offer more control over the puck whilst stick handling and shooting.

For the first time, ER spine technology is available at this price point. It will make it more accessible to try if you’ve not yet tried this on the ice, and will dramatically help players at this level to be able to load and release the puck more easily with every single shot.


The Bauer Nexus Sync Ice Hockey Stick family offers innovation and value at every price point, helping to connect a player to their stick unlike anything in the hockey industry.

Nexus Sync Blade 1.jpg

Featuring a mix of technologies that focus on a combination of weight reduction and durability, this is the lightest collection of sticks Bauer has ever brought to market! 

  • The E3 is 15 grams lighter vs the N37
  • The E4 is 10 grams lighter vs the 3N
  • The E5 PRO is 30 grams lighter vs the 3N Pro
  • The Nexus SYNC is 25 grams lighter vs the GEO
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