Warrior Alpha QX Stick


Warrior unveil their newest line of sticks

The Alpha QX is the first in a new generation of sticks from Warrior.

It is not a Covert, it is not a Dynasty. The Alpha features new technology, new ideas and new levels of performance. The sum of all this has been dubbed ‘Quick Strike Technology’ by Warrior.

The Alpha QX introduces a new flex point from Warrior. The Alpha QX is a low kick stick, not to be confused with the ultra low-kick of the QRL sticks.

The Alpha kick point is higher than the QRL, starting in the bottom hand, extending down through the shaft and new sabre taper, through the hosel to the blade. This low kick provides a quick controlled release, allowing you to get the puck off the blade in a hurry.

The ‘Sabre taper’ mentioned above not only helps with release, it provides a big assist to giving your quick release a high level of accuracy. The Sabre taper adds torsional stiffness to prevent twisting during the shot (loading, release & recoil). By twisting less, the blade doesn’t open up as much whilst shooting, leading to greater accuracy.

Another new technological term thrown around with the Alpha QX sticks is ‘True1 Phantom Feel’. This relates to how light the stick feels in the hand. A lot of guys who’ve used the stick already have commented how light it feels, yet it is a similar weight to the QRL. The True1 Phantom Feel is a process to remove weight from the lower half of the stick, making it feel lighter, and improve the balance point and feel.

The Alpha QX has a new shaft shape. It is double concave to follow the natural shape of a closed hand for better comfort and a secure grip. Warrior call this a ‘dogbone’ shape as it’s bulged out on the top and bottom, and bowed in on the sides.

You can check out the full line of Warrior Hockey sticks here.