CCM Ribcor 70K Skates


Introducing the completely redesigned RibCor 70K skate

The CCM Ribcor 70K skates aren’t just a refresh of the 50K, but a complete revamp and re-imagining of the Ribcor skate line.

In developing this new line, CCM identified that the all-important aspects of fit and performance needed to be brought up to speed with other top end consumer skates on the market. In doing so, they turned to retailers and their pro players for inspiration and feedback. As a result they have created a super light, forgiving and extremely comfortable skate!

In order to make such a massive improvement to the Ribcor skate line and the 70K, CCM made some big design decisions.

Making Changes

When looking back at all previous versions of the Ribcor skate, all the way back to RBK and Reebok models, one constant feature was the Pump. Used as a mechanism to provide a custom, dialled in fit, the Pump worked to an extent.

However, many players didn’t use it or it would break down over time, therefore it added unnecessary weight to the skate. By removing the Pump, CCM greatly reduced the skate weight and brought the internal design in line with what their Pros have been skating on for years.

Now weighing in at 790g in an 8D, the 70K is as light as the other top end skates on the market today. Now that the 70K has shed the Pump, it should also shed the perception that the Ribcors are a heavier skate.

High Definition Heel Lock 

With the Pump off the design board, CCM were able to introduce their High Definition heel lock to the consumer market. The pros have been using it for years, and it is one of the most comfortable ankle foams in use today. Just feeling it with your fingers will give you an idea of how comfortable it would be on your foot.

We have had numerous staff and pros try the skate on, and their reaction to the comfort of the ankle padding has been off the charts. So much so that long time users of other brands and CCM models are wanting to switch to the 70K!



CCM wanted to improve the fit qualities of the 70K without the Pump.  They have achieved a much better heel lock with the use of the HD ankle foams mentioned above, along with a newly contoured heel and ankle shape. The resulting fit is snug and super comfortable.

The 70K will appeal to a large range of players in terms of fit. It has a lower volume forefoot and a medium heel width. These are the most common foot characteristic we see in store, and more recently backed up by the new scanning technology available to us.

Movement Mastered

The 70K outsole is made from Carbon composite, which makes the skate stiffer and lighter than the 50K skate.

These performance benefits are enhanced by the construction method of the 70K skate, which CCM is calling FlexFrame technology. In constructing the skate in this way, CCM have created a skate that is stiff where you need it, and flexible where you want it. Hence another term CCM are using to describe the skate, dual axis. This mix of properties enables a full range of motion in the stride.

A stiffer heel thanks to the carbon construction maximises energy efficiency and provides great lateral stability. Whereas around the eyelets, the skate has more flexibility, to allow for greater forward flexion, and a full extension of the stride to provide greater power.

Tri-Tech Tongue

CCM have retained their proven tongue design, which is great at providing a comfortable fit and rounding out the locked in fit. The pro-style felt tongue with embedded heat mouldable lace bite inserts for that customised fit.

Steel & Runner

Rounding out the 70K is the Speedblade 4.0 holder with Speedblade Back runner.

The holder provides an increased attack angle when cornering thanks to its increased height over previous CCM ePro holders.  The Speedblade Black runner provides excellent performance out of the box. The Black oxide treatment acts to increase your edge life and also additional resistance to corrosion. Although we advise all players to dry and store their skates properly as best practice.


The reduced weight, super comfort and improved performance of the 70K are three pretty good reasons to consider the CCM Ribcor 70K as your next skate. We would highly recommend coming to check them out in store, and get fit by our CCM fitting experts to see how they feel for yourself.

If the 70K isn’t in your budget, the new line of Ribcor skates have a trickle down benefit of the new 70K features, and will also provide an excellent fit, comfort and performance at your price point.

The CCM Ribcor 70K Skates are no longer a current product, you can see the latest CCM Ribcor Skates here