CCM Fitlite 3DS Youth Helmet


Youth specific protection and adjustments

The CCM FitLite 3DS Youth Helmet brings Pro levels of protection and usability together in one package.

It features a two piece shell construction, and an array of tool-less easy adjustment features.

For protection, the CCM FitLite 3DS Youth Helmet features dual density eva foams to absorb energy from impacts. Also in the helmet is D3O lite foam, the same smart material found in the pro level senior helmets and protective gear.

On the youth helmet, CCM have placed additional foams in the back of the helmet. This is a key area in youth helmets, as typically the youth player is more prone to falling backwards when learning to skate and getting comfortable on their edges, and may not be able to brace their impact quick enough with their arms.

The youth specific adjustment features are:

Length Adjustment

The two side clips are really simple to unclip, and allow for a really easy expansion and contraction to find the correct length, and readjustment over time for growth.

Cage Adjustment

One of the really great Youth specific fit adjustments offered by this helmet is to customise how the cage sits on the player’s face. Again, as the player grows, this can easily be adjusted to ensure the player still has a properly fitting cage.

To adjust the front clip, simply slide over the front piece to unlock the mechanism, and adjust the height of the cage to ensure a comfortable fit of the chin cup, sliding the clip back to lock in position.

On the side is the easily adjustable J Clip which moves in conjunction to the changes made on the front clip.

Cage Strap

On the side is updated closure system. Rather than the traditional snap closure, a more simple hook closure makes it easier for the youth player and parent or coach to get the helmet on and off.

In addition, a Velcro tab allows for a super simple adjustment to get the perfect fit, and again allows for growing room.

Chin Strap

A quick and easy buckle closure replaces the traditional snap closure found on just about every other helmet on the market. Again, a much easier method for the youth player and parent to use.

Don’t forget, a helmet that fits best, protects best!

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