Ben Bowns 2022 Cardiff Devils Setup


Introducing Ben’s new setup for the 2022/23 season.

Bownsy visited us in store this week to pick up his new gear for the 2022/23 season with the Cardiff Devils.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 3

When Ben signed back with Cardiff Devils for the forthcoming season, it was a no-brainer that we would continue our sponsorship of him.

Being a local lad, Our association with Ben started whilst he was still a Junior goalie coming into the store for his equipment and it has continued throughout his professional career.


Working with Ben over the years to dial in his equipment, it was clear that he is a gear geek, just like ourselves. Combining our years of experience and passion for the position, we created the Puck Stop Goalie Lab last Summer.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 5

The aim of the Goalie Lab is to help goalies of all ages and skill levels to help find the gear that best works for them, to help them play their best, and enjoy the game.

Ben is on board to assist with the technical side and provide help when dialling in custom gear.

For our pad and mask designs we have our designer Alex who has also designed various Cardiff Devils masks over the years.

To get involved with the Goalie Lab as part of your goalie purchase, click here.




For the 2022/23 season Ben will be playing in the Bauer Supreme Mach pads.

In designing his setup for the forthcoming season, one Ben's aims was to create a pad which offered a consistent feel and performance year on year.

By having a consitent feel, stiffness and rebound pop, this will help avoid those variables when getting ready for the new season and know exactly what he can expect from his set up throughout the season.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 4

The pads feature a Stiff thigh flex, Supreme Stabilislide, Mach calf bracket, Tune fit connect, Skate lace offset toe attachment.

Ben is always happy to embrace new technologies in his pads in order to help better his game. He's looking forward to seeing how the Supreme Stabilislide helps with ice seal and pad balance.

One slight alteration in set up from his previous Bauer pads was to soften the boot flex to help increase mobility at the ankle. As a result these pads come with the Supreme 120 degree soft boot.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 6


Ben's catcher and blocker selection are testament to choosing the gear that best works for you and your game.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 11

For his catcher, Ben has chosen the Bauer Vapor Hyperlite catcher complete with Digi-Print custom Mach graphics to complement the rest of the setup.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 8

Ben chose to go with the Hyperlite glove as the closure feels more natural to him, and was more consistent to his previous CCM and Warrior breaks. Again looking for that consistency of feel and performance to enable him to concentrate on his game.

The glove features a Straight Double-T trap, with reinforcements on the T-Trap top pocket.

An additional 3mm of Poron padding has been added to the palm base to help eliminate those stingers.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 9

For his blocker, Ben will be using the Supreme Mach blocker with digi-print graphics. 

There are minimal changes to the blocker from stock, other than an additional thumb pillow.


The striking red and white custom Vapor Hyperlite body armour completes the custom setup.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 7

The chest floaters and arms features the same flame designs as the rest of the setup to tie it all together, with Puck Stop logos atop the chest floaters.

Ben Bowns 2022 Setup 10

Stick taps to our resident design expert Alex Birch for creating such a cool overall visual design package!!

If you're looking to create custom designs for your pads or masks you too can benefit from Alex's design skills via the Goalie Lab!

We can't wait to see Bownsy on the ice in this setup!