Supreme ADV Sticks Insight


Introducing the innovative and revolutionary Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks!

As with the previous Vapor ADV series, the remit for Bauer’s R&D experts was to push the boundaries of technology and thinking when it comes to crafting a Hockey stick.

Like the rest of the Supreme family, the Supreme ADV is engineered for Maximised Energy Transfer.

There are many upgrades found in the Supreme ADV which helps to maximise energy transfer. Before we get into that, we must cover a slight change in thinking when it comes to Supreme Sticks. In the past, the emphasis has been on full motion slapshots, ensuring maximum energy from those slapshots was transferred into your shots.

Now, the Supreme brand isn't just about slapshots anymore. The Supreme ADV ensures that every ounce of energy you put into the stick goes to the puck, no matter what type of shot you're taking!

By reducing the time it takes to transfer the shot energy from the kick point to the blade, and by increasing the puck acceleration off the blade, you now don’t need to rely upon slapshots for maximum power. Expect extra pop in your wrists and snapshots too. The Supreme ADV is ushering in a new era of Supreme power.


Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks 4

So how did Bauer maximise energy transfer in any shot? The most obvious and striking difference can be seen in the new SONIC TAPER Technology. The Sonic Taper features a revolutionary 7 sided geometry! This new 7 sided construction enabled Bauer to remove excess Carbon fiber overall, whilst still ensuring strength and stability in the taper itself.


Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks 3

In the upper portion of the shaft, the flex zone has been re-engineered to make shot loading and release easier.

The newly optimised flex profile ensures all of the energy you're putting into the stick transfers down and through the puck.


Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks 2

A new blade construction has been created in the Supreme ADV to ensure the puck accelerates of the blade. The new FASTCORE BLADE Technology consists of an Aerofoam Core to reduce overall blade weight for improved balance and control. A new Energy Core has been placed at the strike zone of the blade where impact with the puck occurs. The energy core works by absorbing energy from impact and releasing it back into the puck, and therefore your shot.


Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks 1

The Supreme ADV features fully integrated Advanced Carbon Layering which helps to reduce the overall weight of the stick, whilst maintaining durability. The stick comes in at an ultra-lightweight 375g, whilst not as light as the Vapor ADV, it still feels feather light in the hand and beautifully balanced.

The combination of the Advanced Carbon Layer + Sonic Taper Technology combine to make the Supreme ADV, the lightest Supreme stick ever at 375g - 40g lighter that the 2S Pro!

As mentioned at the top, all of these features and technologies combine for Maximum Energy Transfer. To make sure all the energy you load into the stick, is transferred into the puck for maximum acceleration, in any kind of shot!


Like the Vapor ADV, the Supreme ADV sticks are only available in super limited numbers worldwide! It is available in 50, 65, 77, 87 flex in P92, and also P88 in 77 & 87 flex.

The Sticks are only available in store, visit us to get your hands on one and check them out before they are all gone. Alternatively, call the team in store on 0114 244 3005. #SUPREMEADV

The Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks are no longer available, click to see the current Bauer Hockey Stick line-up