Bauer Days 2019


Bauer Days are back!

Save the date: Saturday, August 31st… the return of Bauer Days!!

It’s been a little while since we hosted a Bauer Days event. We’ve spoken about re-booting the event numerous times internally, and all agree that it’s been too long since the last event.

Bauer Days, not to be confused with the on ice Bauer Experience is a Hockey Family fun day. Imagine a summer fete designed by Hockey players. With numerous Hockey themed games that are super fun for all ages, and even test and help improve skills. There will be over £1000 worth of Hockey prizes to be won over the course of the day.

Free food and drinks will be offered to help keep energy levels up. Whilst in store you will be able to take advantage of a special discount on Bauer products.

We appreciate that many people may not have been to a previous Bauer Days event, so here’s just a little reminder of some of our previous events.

The event will take place on the Car Park behind the store, and will run from 9:30am to 5pm.

We're excited for the event and look forward to seeing you there!