MyBauer Custom Skates

Utilising the technology in the 3D Skate Lab scanner, your MyBauer custom skates will offer a one-of-a-kind custom fit to ensure every detail of your feet is accounted for.

MyBauer skates are custom built to the shape of your foot, using a 3D model created by the 3D Skate Lab to ensure the best in fit and performance. 

The Bauer 3D Skate Lab is an in-store process that allows us to make a digital image of your foot, and create a custom fitted skate. Once we have the scan completed, we let you pick your custom options. The end result is a fully customized pair of skates, made specifically for your feet, the way you envisioned them. 

Let your game pick your skates

Game pick your skates

Previously, MyBauer skates were still determined by the skate family that best fit your foot. With the introduction of the new Bauer 3D fit system, your feet will now fit both Vapor and Supreme skates, leaving you to choose the skates that best fit your game!

Choose your skate

Supreme and Vapor skates feature different construction features which lend themselves to a certain style of play. Supreme skates are built for power and control, whereas Vapor skates are aimed at quick, agile skaters. For the full Supremem and Vapor comparison breakdown, check out our "Now, let your game pick your skates" blog post.

With that said, there's no reason to deny that some people prefer the look of one over the other, now you can base your choice on that too.


The MyBauer Customisation Process 

MyBauer 3D Scan

  1. Visit us in store. No booking is necessary, but if you wish to, you can do so via our "One on One" Fitting service. Select the MyBauer Skate option.
  2. Together with you, we will create a 360° 3D scan of your feet in the Bauer 3D Skate Lab
  3. As a reference point, our skate fitting experts will help you try a few standard skates that come closest to your foot scan in order to check the size and fit
  4. With an assist from our skate fit expert, you will put together your myBauer Custom Skate. We willtake you through all of the options step by step and select the optimal or desired specs for you
  5. We send your perfect MyBauer Skate recipe (your scan data and selected skate configuration) to Bauer to begin skate production
  6. Your MyBauer Custom Skate will then be ready for you to pick up in store approximately 5-8 weeks after ordering. 
  7. When you pick up your skates, we will help dial them in by baking and checking the fit

MyBauer Skate Pricing 

MyBauer Skate Colours

MyBauer Skates are priced in different tiers. All options feature full custom fit, Choice of; Eyelets, Stiffness, Liner, Tongue Type, Laces, Steel.

MyBauer Custom Skate Pricing
MyBauer Custom Skate    Junior - £735    Senior - £820
MyBauer Custom Skate with Custom Blade Junior - £804 Senior - £897
MyBauer Custom Skate with Custom Colour Junior - £836 Senior - £933
MyBauer Custom Skate with Custom Blade and Colour Junior - £868 Senior - £968

Check out our MyBauer Custom Skates today! 

MyBauer Custom Skates can be purchased online, however the process of scanning and customisation is done in-store only.

Visit us in store for your custom fitting!


This article was last updated on 29th September 2020

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