Now, let your game pick your skates

With the introduction of the revolutionary BAUER PERFORMANCE SKATE FIT SYSTEM, you can now choose the Bauer skates which best fit your game.

For years your feet determined which skates you wore, but not anymore. Now, how you skate, and which skate best elevates your performance is what matters. 

The TLDR version is that Bauer have utilised the data science and analysis of 800,000 foot scans from their 3D Skate Labs. From this they have created three distinct fits, called Fit 1, Fit 2 & Fit 3 in place of D & EE.

The Supreme & Vapor skate collections are available in three distinct fits – so every foot shape is covered. Now, every player gets to choose their own performance profile and their optimum fit.

Choose your style first

Now that you can fit in Supreme and Vapor skates, you may be unsure how the Supreme and Vapor skate collections differ to each other, and which to choose. 

The SUPREME collection is engineered for players who value straight away speed and powerful acceleration.

Built for:

Range of motion with optimal wrap

Maximum stride length and power output

Straight line speed


The VAPOR collection is designed for players who put a premium on agility and lateral movement.

Built for:

Fast starts and quick turns

Structural support and responsiveness

Unpredictable player movements


Let's take a look at how the skates are constructed differently to suit these different playing styles.

Bauer Skate Collection Comparison


Bauer Tendon Guard

SUPREME – Flexible Tendon Guard

Allows for full range of motion through the skating stride, maximising power

VAPOR – Supportive Tendon Guard

Provides support while turning and responsiveness to quick changes of direction


Bauer Skate Cut Profile

SUPREME - Power Cut

Helps to promote a full range of motion for maximum stride length and power output

VAPOR - Agility Cut

An on the toes feel for quick starts and tight turns


Bauer Skate Taper

SUPREME – Symmetrical Taper

Creates more wrap over the top of the foot with a new boot cut, that allows for a proper forward flex while loading energy in the stride

VAPOR – Asymmetrical Taper

Uses an offset aggressive boot cut, to help amplify faster movements when changing directions quickly


Baue Skate Facing

SUPREME – Flex facing

Flexible properties in the facing help maximise the wrap over the forefoot whilst allowing proper forward flexion

VAPOR – Integrated Injected Facing

Connects the toe box and ensures a supportive lacing system across the foot for responsiveness and lightness in the skate


Bauer Skate Outsole

SUPREME – Unibody Outsole

Wraps the lower portion of the boot to create stiffness to amplify energy transfer for powerful skating

VAPOR – Flexible Outsole

Traditional outsole allows for more flex and absorbs energy during quick turns for smoother transitions


Bauer Skate Steel


Titanium coated, taller steel creates premium edge retention and on-ice performance through take off power and tight turns. Features Bauer’s ‘Power Profile’ from ProSharp.


Carbon coated steel with a softer inner core to improve edge strength, and increase grip on ice versus non-coated steels. Features a standard 10’ singular radius.



Bauer Skate Quiz




We stock a huge range of Bauer hockey skates, including Vapor and Supreme models. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to our team via our contact page, or through our social media channels.

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