Circumference (cm) Circumference (Inches)
Fit 0.5 51.5cm - 55.5cm 20.3" - 21.8"
Fit 1 53.0cm - 57.0cm 20.8" - 22.4"
Fit 2 55.0cm - 58.0cm 21.6" - 22.8"
Fit 3 57.0cm - 60.0cm 22.4" - 23.6"

Goal Mask Sizing

It is recommended that all goaltenders wear CSA and HECC certified masks. All CSA and HECC certified masks have a sticker indicating their certification. When fitting a BAUER goaltender mask, adjust the unit so that the upper perimeter of the frontal component is 1/4 inch above the eyebrow. For a proper fit, make sure all straps are fastened so that the chin cup fits snugly against the chin.