Bauer Player Ice Skates

Bauer are long-time leaders and innovators in ice skates. They’re loved by everyone from NHL players to beginners. Bauer have three skate families that are designed to provide a winning feel and fit for your feet. Every part of their technology is focused upon providing the best performance, comfort and fit at each price point.

The Bauer history

Established over 80 years ago, Bauer offer innovative hockey equipment including skates, sticks, pucks, gloves and much more. They revolutionised the hockey industry when they became the first to produce ice skates with the blade permanently secured to the boot.

Bauer provide skates for all levels – from peewee to pro

The three Bauer skate families offer a fit for every player, and from beginners right through to the professionals.

Some of our best-selling Bauer senior skates are the Bauer Supreme S29 Senior Ice Hockey Skates. The Bauer Supreme line of skates are designed to help you skate faster, harder, and stronger.

Some of our popular junior skates are the Bauer Nexus N2700 Junior Ice Hockey Skates. This lightweight skate sports an incredible, quick-release trigger system of the lightspeed edge holder.

MyBauer custom skates

Using innovative technology in the 3D Skate Lab Scanner, experience your very own customised Bauer skates. Your MyBauer custom skates are a one-of-a-kind skate, built to the shape of your foot.

A 3D model is created and processed by Bauer’s state-of-the-art manufacturing. Your custom skate gives you the best fit to enhance your performance and ensures the ultimate comfort.

What’s more, choose your liner, runner, eyelets, and even put your name and team number on the tongue. Read more about the MyBauer custom skates here.