CCM XS Skate Tongues

CCM is delivering Big with a game-changing innovation that will make the CCM Super Tacks AS3 pro skates the most customizable on the market.

Featured on most Super Tacks 2020 models, the new Xchange System (XS) tongue is a replaceable tongue you can switch out to achieve your absolute best fit while elevating your protection.

All you need is a skate tongue and a few seconds.



A small seamless 2-pin clipping system makes it easy to swap tongues without compromising the tight connection to the toe cap.


With different tongue thickness options available, you can increase or decrease the inner boot volume to achieve your best fit.


Scientifically proven D3O® Smart Material dissipates impact energy in key areas to maximize your protection. Tongues featuring D3O® Smart Material are also 20% more protective than the stock Super Tacks AS3 Pro tongue.


Personalize your tongue with your number.

The XS Tongues are compatible with CCM's Elite and Performance skates, which means you can customise the look, feel and performance of your skates at in a few seconds. The XS Tongues will fit on the following models:

Super Tacks AS3 Pro

Super Tacks AS3

Super Tacks 9380

Super Tacks 9370



CCM XS Tongue Thin

The CCM XS Tongue Slim is for those players who want to further customise the fit of the skate to add a little extra volume. The Slim option of the XS Tongues are 25% lighter than the regular XS Tongue, and feature a moulded lace bit protector.

CCM XS Tongue Regular

The CCM XS Tongue Regular are for those players who want to maintain the standard Super Tacks volume, but who are looking to upgrade or replace their tongue. The regular XS tongue is 20% more protective than the standard tongue on the AS3 Pro skate, and features moulded D30 lace bite protection.

CCM XS Tongue Extra

The CCM XS Tongue Extra is aimed at players who are looking to further customise their fit by reducing the overall boot volume for a snugger pro inspired fit. The Extra XS tongue is 43% thicker than the Regular XS tongue, and 25% more protective than the stock AS3 Pro tongue. It comes with moulded D30 Lace bite protection and a customisable tongue tab as with the other XS tongues in the lineup.

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