Return to the Rink Safely

We’re all playing on the same team when it comes to stopping the spread of COVID-19, and making a safe return to hockey.

Here is a list of five products we think will help make your return to the rink as seamless and as safe as possible. Check out our full Back To Hockey Collection for more.


Face Coverings

Bauer reversible face mask

Off the rink, be a team player by keeping yourself and those around you safe.

Our bestselling Bauer Reversible Face Mask is both super comfortable and breathable, perfect for everyday use at places like the rink, visiting us in store, and whist grocery shopping. Coming soon a selection of CCM Outprotect Face Masks.


Skate Guards

CCM Soaker

With new restrictions and guidelines in place within rinks, your normal locker room routine won’t be possible. Ensure your nice fresh edges are preserved by using Skate Guards to protect your blades.

Soakers also help to absorb additional moisture left behind after your skates have been wiped down helping stop and excess corrosion.

Check out our full selection of skate guards here.


Full Shields

Bauer Concept 3 Visor

As per the advice published by USA Hockey, Full Hockey Shields are likely better than visors or cages since they can act as a barrier in case someone near coughs or sneezes, it can deter someone from touching their face and it likely prevents spitting on the rink/bench.

The CCM FV1 and Bauer Concept 3 Full Shields both offer excellent optics, with fantastic fog resistant finishes.


Water Bottles

Puck Stop Hockey Water Bottles

To help stop the spread of COVID-19, it’s essential to minimise the chance of infection by limiting contact with shared objects. An easy way to do this to ensure you only use your own water bottle on the bench.

Now’s the time to stop being that player who never brings a water bottle! Our Puck Stop Water Bottle has bulk discounts available, check out our full water bottle selection for your hydration needs.

For a more extensive list of gear, check out our BACK TO HOCKEY collection.

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