NHL 22 Gameplay Trailer

NHL 22 is EA Sports first NHL game to officially be revealed on the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X.

The trailer gives a first gameplay look at the first implementation of the new Frostbite engine, EA's graphic engine previously used on FIFA and Madden NFL games. The Frostbite engine will be available on all versions of the game, and provide improved lighting and objects for an even more realistic looking game.

Visual Upgrades

The Frostbite engine delivers huge visual upgrades that dramatically enhance realism throughout NHL 22. From overhauled player likenesses to all-new eye animations that track and react to the action around them, the superstars of the NHL have never felt more alive.

Check out the new Gameplay and presentation features here.

Superstar X-Factors

This game-changing system lets you unleash unique player abilities that make stars feel like stars as they influence games in new ways. Reserved for and inspired by the league's most elite players, Superstar X-Factor abilities separate the best from the rest in tangible ways that you can feel when they're on the ice.

For a full deep dive into the Superstar X-Factors, check out the EA Sports site.

We can't wait to get our hands on the game!

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