Fresh Cut Magazine Issue 2

This is Issue Two of Fresh Cut Magazine, the Opportunities edition; sometimes life gives you an opportunity when you are not looking, it may not be obvious, possibly masked as a Worldwide pandemic. This edition carries the message that should one come your way grab it with both hands and don’t look back. From a British hockey point alone the pandemic has been testing to say the least, but it has created one or two by products which depending on your view could perhaps be seen by some as opportunities.

Fresh Cut Magazine Issue Two

With that in mind we hear about how the Cardiff Devils were taken over and restored once more to its previous glory. We get an update on the GB Men’s current situation from the Team GB Head Coach, Pete Russell. We listen to the story of how the UK’s most successful Women’s hockey team found themselves homeless and their search for a new pad. We speak to Ben Bowns about what it is like to play on the continent for one of the top clubs. We are told the incredible story of the man who went from Stoke to “The Show” and how he achieved the feat.

We speak to former GB international, Paul Sample, about his new business venture and how it is closely tied to UK hockey. One of the UK’s most historically rich Ice Hockey Clubs, Kirkaldy, make an appeal. We meet the Para Ice Hockey Team, the Sheffield Steelkings, that wants to transform the view of the sport. Warning they may just entice you along for the ride. Learn more hockey vocabulary. The UK’s women’s game gets all cultured and sophisticated on us in an arty way. We take a look at the hockey product, Blindside Trading Cards, that is taking the UK game by storm. Glasgow Clan Captain and ten year veteran, Matt Haywood, Tells us a Tale or Two. Finally we witness how some NIHL teams have managed to get on the ice to play competitive hockey. All before wrapping things up at The Buzzer.

“Opportunities,” like we say it may only be small, barely even noticeable, but with the right kind of surface, with the luck of the bounce and perhaps with the opposing forces having a light out in their end, well who knows what it can become.

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