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Fresh Cut Magazine tells the untold stories, with Fresh insight and perspectives, from British hockey. After all, on the ice is only part of the game

The creators of the magazine let us know what to expect from Issue One:

Fresh Cut Magazine – Issue One – Let It Heal

The name of Issue One, Let It Heal, takes inspiration from the popular cry that is directed at any eager nerd who jumps on the ice immediately after a cut. Not allowing it the time to re-freeze over. So not allowing it the chance to heal itself giving an optimal surface to play on. Universally, when hearing the shout directed at them for their lack of practice etiquette, the offending person immediately loops back to the bench, at best trying to laugh it off leaning against the boards. At worst stepping back off the ice, tail between the legs, sitting down alongside those who called him/her out.

We thought this simple call with a simple meaning is simply fitting for this period of time we have gone through. Are going through.

In this edition we speak to the people who had to deal with the fallout that the pandemic inflicted on British hockey. The host of problems it created having to shut down professional leagues and World Championship tournaments in such a short period of time. The plans drawn up and action taken to steer British hockey through, at least in our life time, this unprecedented situation. Hear the first-hand accounts of actual heroes; Nurses, Doctors, Ambulance coordinators, who stood on the front-line in societies battle with the invisible enemy. All of whom share a vested interest in hockey. Listen to the hockey people who used their abilities to produce PPE during the struggle.

Fresh Cut Magazine Robert Dowd

We speak to GB international Robert Dowd about development, injury drama and dynasty making. How music and hockey have a link that goes on after you’ve left the rink and enters your everyday life. We learn what it takes to start a hockey based product business. Brush up on your hockey lingo (don’t worry elocution is optional, so you don’t have to put the jibs back in). We meet the brother, sister combo who crossed over to the dark-side. Listen to a tale or two told by ex- Nottingham Panther & GB international, not to mention British Hockey Hall of Fame inductee, David Clarke. All before we wrap things up at The Buzzer, with some sweet images chiselling a few assists along the way.

Fresh Cut Magazine Photo

Listen, we will all be back down at the rink at some point. Doing the things we enjoy, in whatever capacity they are, Fan, Player, Official, Mascot, whatever it is. In the meantime why don’t you have a read and see why, or re-connect with the reasons, we ALL love “the game".

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