With a wider fit in the cuff and standard fit through the fingers, the A-Series offers maximum control with ample wrist mobility. This classic 4 roll style still represents the most popular fit on the market today. This anatomically fitting glove is designed to be form fitting, giving the player excellent control while maintaining full mobility of the wrist.

The glove is one of the key parts of your Hockey equipment. Correctly fitting they will offer a great feel, range of motion and protection. 

When trying on a pair of gloves, it is not unusual for them to feel a little snug around the hand. They will soften and become more supple over time. We'd reccommend holding a stick in your gloves before making a decision on sizing.

To determine the approximate size of glove required, measure from the longest finger tip to the start of the elbow pad. This distance will roughly equate to the size of glove required. For example, if you measure 12 ¾” from finger tip to edge of elbow pad, a 13” glove would ordinarily be the approximate size.

In the TRUE range of gloves we have found that the sizes run larger than most brands. For example, if you would ordinarily wear a 14" glove in other brands, we feel a 13" TRUE glove would be the appropriate size.

Note: Sizing is a preference and therefore DO NOT GUARANTEE FIT.