CCM Player Skates

The high-performance CCM skates are some of the fastest, top quality ice skates on the market today. Whether you’re at beginner level or you’re a professional player, there’s a CCM skate for every budget and every game.

The CCM story

In 1899, CCM opened its doors for the first time in Weston, Ontario, Canada. After 100 years of dedication, it’s positioned as the largest hockey equipment manufacturer in the world.

In 1905, they launched their first CCM Automobile Skate. Since then, CCM have dominated the hockey equipment market and kitted out some of the best hockey players in the world.

Choose your CCM skate fit

A better fit = a better performance and CCM offers a variety of different fits to suit every player. From the Super Tacks anatomical fit and the Jet Speed tapered fit, right through to the Ribcor flexible fit. Here at Puck Stop, we strive to help you choose the right skate for you with our comprehensive online reviews or in-store advice from our expert staff.

CCM skates are for every level of expertise

Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, you’ll find a CCM skate for your level of play.

Some of our best-selling CCM hockey skates are the CCM Jetspeed FT380 Senior Ice Hockey Skates. They’re a popular choice due to their excellent heel lock, allowing easier speed generation. The lightweight composite boot helps you to accelerate with each stride.

Some of our top junior skates are the CCM Ribcor 68K Junior Ice Hockey Skates. Along with their high-performance value, they offer a flexible-fit, high definition heel lock, ankle lock and a smooth contour collar to ensure the ultimate protection.