The Bauer Vapor 2X Pro Leg Pads looks to build upon Bauer’s modern pad design.


The 2X Pro Goal Pads features many new improvements to increase flexibility and range of motion for Bauer’s most reactive pad to date.


Increased Mobility

The Vapor 2X Pro Pad now features a dynamic flex core and 100-degree boot break for better overall flexibility, and a better fit on top of the foot for the goaltender. This results in increased mobility.

The new free-flex 100 degree boot allows for a much more reactive style of play along with greater flexibility and range of motion.

Dynamic Flex Core

For the 2X Pro pads, Bauer have moved from the Tapered Flex Core, to the Dynamic Flex Core. As a result the overall feeling is a softer pad which is still reactive, and can still generate bigger rebounds from the flat face of the pad.


C.O.R.Tech Skin Technology

The 2X Pro pad has been wrapped with an all new redesigned C.O.R.Tech ST skin.

The upgraded C.O.R.Tech ST skin first appeared on the 2S pads, the ST standing for Super Tough, looked to improve upon some durability issues found on the 1X and 1S pads. The C.O.R.Tech ST skin not only improves upon durability, it aids sliding ability of the pad along with an increased rebound pop off the pad.

Bindingless Sliding Surface

In conjunction with the C.O.R.Tech ST skin, the binding-less design of the pads result in an effortless, fast and efficient slide.

Curv Composite

The 2X Pro pad features Curv Composite in the thigh rise to allow for better durability, and better ice seal when the goalie's in the butterfly. This Curv Composite enables the pad to keep its form over a long period of time despite being a softer flex pad.

Thermo Core

Bauer introduce the new Thermo Core lining in place of 37.5 technology. The new liner promotes breathability along with having a cool feel to it to prevent from overheating during play.

Elastic in Boot Channel

The 2X Pro leg pads have added in a bungee feature in the lower boot to allow more ankle/leg mobility as well as create a more reactive pad. Another reason for this interesting feature is to allow the pad to fully rotate and come back to its original position when dropping into the butterfly and standing back up. This is a major improvement over the 1X that had some complaints stating they don’t rotate back fully.

Monster Toe Strapping System

New to Bauer Goal pads is the Monster Toe Strapping System. The system enables quick and easy attachment with the added benefit of the elasticated lace adapting to movement which makes the pad react with you.

To use the Monster system, simply loop the toe ties through the bottom of your skate, as you would with laces, then the 2 laces attach with the Velcro tab over the skate.


Adjustable/Removable Knee Wing

The knee wing has been tweaked to allow for easy adjustments or removal.


The strapping on the 2X Pro closely resembles the strapping found on the previous 1X as it was one of the most comfortable strapping systems on the market. The tune fit strap on the 2X Pro allows you to customise the fit and feel of the pad depending upon your personal preference.

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