UK Bauer Experience 2017


Whats your fit?

This past weekend at iceSheffield was the 2017 UK Bauer Experience.

For those who don’t know, the Bauer Experience is a unique opportunity to try the latest Bauer Skates, Sticks, Gloves and Helmets on the ice. To be able to try on and skate in the latest Vapor 1X, Supreme 1S and Nexus 1N skates is way is a great experience.

There are very few opportunities to ‘test drive’ skates before deciding upon your next pair, invaluable if you are looking for your next pair of skates. For those not even thinking about a new pair of jets, it’s still a great experience to see what the new skates are like on the ice.

Similarly, being able to test the Vapor, Supreme and Nexus family of sticks on the ice, to see how they feel when shooting, stickhandling and passing. Each family of stick is designed with a different flex profile, without trying them on the ice it is difficult to get an idea of what these sticks really feel like. Mix in the ability to try out a different flex and curve allows you to dial in to find the best stick for your game.

To put the gear to the test, we had 3 zones focusing on different skills. One zone was purely shooting, with an emphasis on both power and accuracy.

Our middle zone featured a stickhandling relay obstacle course to help highlight skating, stickhandling and passing.

The third zone featured our goalies to do a bit of dangling, testing the agility on the skates, the balance and feel of the sticks and mobility of the gloves when making a move on net.

We had attendees from far and wide. With stories of early starts, long drives, train rides and hotel stops. We really appreciate all of the participants for coming out to support the event, and hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

See you at the 2018 UK Bauer Experience…