TRUE Dynamic 9 Pro Helmet


The first Hockey helmet to feature the MIPS Brain Protection System

TRUE's first every Hockey Helmet, the TRUE Hockey Dynamic 9 Pro hockey helmet features the MIPS Brain Protection System in an ultra-lightweight construction and a personalized fit. 

What is MIPS?

MIPS Brain Protection System utilizes a low friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. MIPS is designed to not only protect the skull but the brain as well. 

Rotational motion from an impact to the head can increase the risk of brain injury. MIPS’ added protection system has been proven to reduce rotational motion when implemented in a helmet by redirecting energies and forces otherwise transmitted to the brain.

MIPS is a Swedish brain protection company that originally started out as a group of scientific and medical researchers, with a passion for safety, who wanted to develop a product to make helmets safer.

Typically the MIPS low friction protection layer is bright yellow, and can be seen under the comfort protection layer in helmets. The world-renowned MIPS brain protection system is already widely used in bicycle, ski and motorcycle helmets. The collaboration with True Hockey on the Dynamic 9 Pro helmet is the first integration of MIPS into a hockey helmet. 



The one-piece expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam construction, combined with the polycarbonate shell, makes the Dynamic 9 Pro the lightest helmet on the market to date.

Personalised Fit

Sitting above the MIPS system, TRUE have used a combination of EPP Foams can for additional dampening blows to the head, whilst also offering comfort.

To further enhance both comfort and fit, TRUE has designed the Dynamic 9 Pro to have a truly personalized fit. The helmet comes standard with interchangeable side and rear occipital Fitpads. These Fitpads are available in three different thicknesses and allow for 360 degrees of adjustability and a truly personalized fit. This adjustable feature can make the helmet up to 5% larger or smaller, creating a more personalised fit for each individual player. 

When purchasing any new protective Hockey equipment, especially a helmet, it is vital to find the right fit. Without the proper fit, even the most technologically advanced helmet will not be effective. But finding the model and size that fits your head correctly will ensure the protective features will be able to do their job.

If you’re unsure which helmet fits you best, or you’re looking for an accurate measurement and assessment, visit us in store and speak to a Puck Stop team member. 

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