TRUE Custom Player Skate


A skate fit for performance

The TRUE Pro Custom Hockey Skate is built both for comfort and power.

We are extremely excited to be chosen as a TRUE Custom Skate Fit Center. We have been working with TRUE skates since June 2017, perfecting the scanning and ordering process, and assisting various Pro players to hit the ice in the TRUE Custom Skate.

We are now ready to offer this fully custom fit service to all.

About the TRUE Pro Custom Hockey Skate

Built from the inside out, using the patented TRUE MonoForm monocoque (one piece) design, the final thermoformed skate will lock in your foot to eliminate any loss of energy, helping you to experience maximum power output, comfort and control.

Assisting the transfer of power in each stride is the patented TRUE tendon guard. The optimised flexibility and stability of this design enables a more direct and fluid power transfer in each stride.

You will notice when looking at the skate that the toe box is not like other skates. Designed and built along with the monococque skate shell, the TRUE ToeCap will offer great protection and comfort. It also offers an extra level of customisation to dial in your perfect fit. The TRUE tongue has been designed so you can optimise it’s length and also the fit in the toe box depending upon your preferences. We can assist with this when thermoforming your skates in store.

When ordering your skates, you have the option to take advantage of the relationship between TRUE and StepSteel by opting for the TRUE holder and StepSteel Combo. With the new TRUE holder you can change the steel in under 18 seconds per holder. By now, most will know that Step Steel offer one of the best blades on the market. Our feedback in store on our Step replacement blades certainly reflects this.

If you prefer to use another holder, we can order a boot only as part of the order process, and mount your holder of choice in store.

How to Order

Utilising TRUE’s scanning software, we scan your feet in store, to create a highly accurate, digital 3D model of your feet. With this technology we can highlight any issues and problem areas you may experience with your feet. Such as an area of pain due to injury, or simply where your foot shape does not sit comfortably in other skates.

As part of the order process you can choose to customise your skates as you wish with colours, different tongue types, additional shot blocking protection and custom embroidery.

We then send your foot scans and desired custom skates specs to the TRUE engineers for your skates to be built in Canada using a custom 3D foot last shaped to your foot.


Senior (size 6 and above) boot only £629

Junior (up to 5.5) boot only £499

For additional customisation costs, please refer to our TRUE Skate price list.

Visit us in store for more information on TRUE Custom Hockey Skates and Goalie Skates.