Super Tacks Protective


Protect your game.

The Super Tacks line is CCM’s newest addition to their premier protection ranges. Building upon and improving the very popular Ultra Tacks line, CCM have managed to upgrade the fit, protection and performance of each pad.

The CCM Super Tacks line once again utilises the incredible D30 material. D30 is a smart foam which in a normal state is soft and pliable. This allows it to be placed in high impact areas to offer comfort and leightweight protection. Upon impact, the D30 molecules lock together and become rigid to absorb the impact force. If you are ever in store, please do ask for a demo!

Super Tacks Shoulder Pads

The Super Tacks shoulder pads offer super lightweight, pro level protection and durability. D30 has been utilised in the Dual Core shoulder caps and in the moulded floating sternum.

From our experience and feedback of the previous Ultra Tacks model, one of the favourite features was the use of D30 in the torso. In the Super Tacks the use of D30 has been increased to build upon a previous strength.

Even with added protection, the Super Tacks Shoulder still remains super lightweight and very mobile so you can concentrate upon your game.

Super Tacks Shin Guards

The CCM Super Tacks Shin guards feature the JDP cap design with D3O® on the knee joint and calf guard for block shot protection. Along with the D30 is a HD foam frame which assist in reducing overall weight and volume of the pad.

The low profile of the Super Tacks Shin guards enables you to maximise your mobility on the ice. A secure fit is provided by the reinforced anchor strap and calf wrap system. You can be sure your pad will stay where you need it during play.

Super Tacks Elbow Pads

The Super Tacks Elbow pads also feature the legendary JDP cap design along with D3O® reinforcements to ensure that impact dispersion is taken away from the elbow joint. CCM have also added D3O® in the forearm to protect against slashes, blocked shots and any other impact you can expect during play.

The result is a lightweight pad, with a pro level of protection. The pad is locked in place with the new lock strap to ensure the pad stays exactly where you want it.

Super Tacks Hockey Pants

The Super Tacks Pants are designed to offer pro levels of protection and fit. Keeping the Tacks characteristic anatomical fit, CCM have improved the protective properties of the pant by maximising the use of D3O® Smart Material technology.

D30 provides comfortable, lightweight protection by being able to form and shape itself around the body whilst the pant is being worn. CCM have added this in the high contact areas of the Super Tacks pants, namely the Hip and Spine areas.

To ensure a super comfortable fit, the pants offer a length adjustment feature, and also some adjustability in the spine protector and hidden belt. This allows you to dial in a customised fit perfect for you. The pant is finished with a pro level 4000D nylon for pro level durability.

7092 Tacks Girdle

Introducing the 7092 Tacks Girdle. We’ve noticed a trend back towards girdles in recent years, as have CCM. For those who have recently converted, or thinking of heading this route, the 7092 girdle is for you. Girdles offer a great form fitting alternative to pant, which allows you to get a real customised fit.

The hips utilise the legendary JDP cap on hip joint with D3O® LITE Smart Material for elite level of protection.
To protect your lower back, the girdle features a moulded PE foam with an insert to provide high level impact protection. 

The shell is constructed of a very durable Pro 400D nylon with addition reinforcement in high impact areas, along with a zipper to customise the shell length.