Step into the Future


The Bauer 3D Scanner is here

The BAUER 3D Skate Lab is here!  

After several years of research, design and development, the innovative 3D skate scanner brings cutting-edge technology that enables our BAUER skate fitting experts to find the best fit for YOUR game.

The Bauer 3D skate lab will scan and analyse your feet, providing us with a 3D model of your foot. From this we can obtain a precise size, width and heel depth to determine which fit is best for you, whether it be SUPREME, VAPOR or NEXUS. 

With this information in hand, our skate fitting experts will be able to fine tune your fit requirements.

There is no charge nor booking system for usage of our 3D scanner, please simply speak to one of our team in store and we'll help you to find your winning fit.