Puck Stop Movie Jerseys


Introducing our new Hockey Movie Jerseys

Just like you, everyone here at Puck Stop are massive Hockey fans, and we love nothing more than chilling out by watching Hockey movies.

When coming up with some ideas to refresh our practice jersey offerings, we were more than likely saucing Hockey movie quotes back and forth in the office, which eventually provided the inspiration for our Hockey Movie Jersey line.

We all have our favourite Hockey movie, whether it's Slapshot, Goon, Mighty Ducks, Youngblood or another Hockey Movie. We think our first batch of movie jerseys certainly represent some of the more iconic jersey designs.

The Hockey Movie jerseys are not only intended to be a practice jersey, but also to show your Hockey fandom and represent part of your personality on the ice.

We often get asked for jerseys other than plain practice jerseys and NHL jerseys, and we hope as fellow Hockey fans you’ll be as excited to pull these on as we are.

Check out the Movie jersey line up here. For all the Tendys, you can find the Goalie Cut Movie Jerseys here.