NIHL League Champions Crowned


NIHL Regular season coming down to the wire

Congratulations to each of the respective NIHL league champions, here's a quick round up of where the league silverware is headed...

NIHL 1 North Champions - Hull Pirates

Following a tight title chase with the Sheffield Steeldogs and Telford Tigers, resulting in a winner take all match up with the Steeldogs, the Pirates prevailed to take home the NIHL 1 North silverware.

Hull Pirates NIHL North 1 Champs

NIHL 1 South Champions - Swindon Wildcats

Swindon Wildcats lifted the Britton Conference title in from of a home crowd following a 4-2 win over the Bracknell Bees. This is the first Senior league trophy in Swindon since the EPL winning side in 2001.

Swindon Wildcat NIHL 1 South Champs

NIHL 2 North Champions - Widnes Wild

The Widnes Wild continue to amass trophies folloiwng back to back NIHL Laidler Playoff Championship seasons.

Widnes Wild NIHL 2 North Champs

NIHL 2 South Champions

Still to be determined