MyBauer Custom Skates


Experience the comfort, fit and performance of custom hockey skates, just like the pros!

Utilising the technology in the 3D Skate Lab scanner, your MyBauer custom skates will offer a one-of-a-kind custom fit to ensure every detail of your feet is accounted for.

MyBauer skates are custom built to the shape of your foot, using a 3D model created by the 3D Skate Lab to ensure the best in fit and performance. Your scan information is processed by Bauer's state of the art manufacturing to create your custom skate.

To build your ultimate custom skate, you can choose from the selection of tongues, Liner, Eyelets, Runners available, plus have your name and number on the tongue.

Fit families still play a role in custom skates. Bauer’s skate families are categorised as low (VAPOR), Mid (SUPREME) and High (NEXUS) from a profile or depth standpoint. Changing the family changes the depth of the skate.

Your custom skate is based around the skate family that best fits the depth profile of your foot, which you can then modify and customise as needed.

The Customisation Process 

  1. Create a unique 3D Scan of your foot to be used in the construction of your custom fitted skates
  2. Choose between Injected or Standard Eyelets
  3. Choose between Lock-Fit Pro, or Grip Liner
  4. Choose between a Flex-Lock Pro, Reflex-Pro, Classic Felt, Moulded Felt or Double Felt Tongue
  5. Choose between LS5 Carbon, LS3 or LS2 Steel
  6. Personalize your skates with your own Name and Number
  7. We submit your finalised order to Bauer, delivery is approximately 4 weeks. This may be dependant upon demand.


The price of the MyBauer custom skates are inclusive of all customisation options.

Senior MyBauer Custom Skates - £780.00

Junior MyBauer Custom Skates - £685.00

MyBauer Custom Skates can be purchased online, however the process of scanning and customisation is done in-store only.

Visit us in store for your custom fitting!