KHL All-Star Uniforms


The KHL unveil their 2017 All-Star uniforms

The KHL unveil a unique and striking look for their 2017 All-Star jerseys. These will hit the ice during a week long celebration of Hockey in what the KHL are calling the "Week of Hockey Stars" which will be held in Ufa.

In speaking to, sports designer Mikhail Antipin gave some insight into the Uniform design process. 

The Logos

The Logo for the All-Star game and week long festivities features the Bashkortostan national hero and revolutionary, Salavat Yulaev. The same Salavat Yulaev that the local Ufa Hockey team is named after. The colours of the logo represents the host team Ufa.

On the shoudler of each jersey will be the logo for each division. It was originally thought that the division logo would form the main logo, but it was decided that the overall logo was so nice that they wanted to use it on all jerseys.

On the other shoudler, the players will show off a monochrome version of their KHL team logo.

Uniform Colours

In discussing the colour selection, Mikhail said “The days of black-and-white TV are long gone, but it can still be a problem if two teams are both wearing light-colored jerseys. We wanted to have two dark and two light uniforms, and it would be possible the teams in lighter jerseys faced each other. We solved this by selecting a rare color – Vegas Gold."

"Clearly, a lot of thought went into selecting the colors for each Division, and one of the many factors considered was that the venue is home to an Eastern Conference team. Each Conference will have a “light” and a “dark” team, and tradition has the West in blue and the East in green. As Salavat Yulaev has a predominantly green uniform, we felt it was important to clad the Ufa men’s Division in that color.”