Hockey Goes Higher pt2


Hockey went Higher

After a few days spent acclimatising to the high altitude of Leh, the UK team jointly sponsored by Warrior Hockey UK and ourselves, set off with The Hockey Foundation team into the even higher Guinness World Record zone at around 14,300 feet above sea level.

Awaiting them was a purpose made rink, with official boards that had been shipped in and constructed with minimal tools in the Arctic like temperatures.

To get to the rink, they simply had to pass one of the highest road networks in the world. This is how they got there in the words of Matt Hogan.

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After the hockey was over we took a tour along the highest roadway system in the world. Stunning views and extremely worrying drops on the winding mountain roadways. If it looks like we're absolutely frozen on this picture then the camera has really captured the moment.

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Continuing our story from a few days ago... the whole group headed off in a convoy of 25 cars towards our destination in Tangtse. A few cars got stuck, but we saw signs of others who weren't so lucky. The trucks that littered the valleys were a reminder that anything's could happen in the avalanche zone! But thankfully we arrived safely and were greeted by the l Lalok winter sports community before being assigned to our homestay accomodation

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When we arrived at our homestay family's house we met Little DK and his older brother DK who were both loved hockey. Lil bro didn't have his own skates so we were happy to donate some of our teams equipment to him so he can play every day. Big bro DK also received a Puck Stop jersey which he planned to use in the GWR games

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With new skates in hand the DK brothers took us to a nearby river for a quick skate and to take in the views.

In the next installment we'll have details of the record breaking game...