Exclusive Paddle Wedge Colours


The Paddle Wedge is the original hockey goalie stick protection that is made by pros and made to last at the pro level.

After the success of the Paddle Wedge 2.0 in store and online, followed up with so much positive feedback from Goalies, we're excited to be able to offer the new RED and BLUE Paddle Wedge 2.0 versions.

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RED & BLUE Paddle Wedges now available exclusively in store and online!

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The new RED & BLUE Paddle Wedges are available exclusively in store and online at puckstop.com!


They say that necessity is the mother of invention. That is certainly true with the creation of the Paddle Wedge.

The idea for the Paddle Wedge came about after its inventor Patrick suffered a finger injury on his blocker hand during practice. The first priority was to ensure he didn’t have to miss any ice time, and the injury itself wasn’t prolonged from any further impacts during practices and games.

Paddle Wedge Proto

Initially extra padding was added to the inside of the blocker to try to improve impact absorption. It was quickly realised that this did not solve the issue. The modifications to the blocker didn’t offer the required protection and it proved cumbersome impacting the use and feel of the blocker.

The solution must be easy to apply and not hinder play between the pipes. The solution was to prevent the puck from ever reaching that spot.  A goalie stick accessory was the way to go. The photo above shows the first prototype model of what is now the Paddle Wedge.


Paddle Wedge Example

The ramp like shape of the Paddle Wedge makes the puck deflect up and over the blocker’s soft spot. Because of the hollow core, the wedge is super light and is unnoticeable during play. The Paddle Wedge 2.0 is more compact and feather light than the original. A must have item for ultimate goalie stick protection.


Changing your stick on the fly? No problem. The Paddle Wedge slides off easy and pops right back on to the new stick in no time.


The Paddle Wedge is made by pros, and is being used by Pros around the world, from the NHL to the Elite League.

Hank Paddle Wedge


Bowns Paddle Wedge

DEL Paddle Wedge


Graz Paddle Wedge

Get your paddle wedge in store or online at puckstop.com available in the original White and Black, and now the Exclusive Red and Blue versions.