CCM Trigger 2 Stick


CCM's best performing Ribcor stick yet

With an improved taper to transfer more energy into your shot, the newly released CCM Ribcor Trigger 2 shapes up to be the best Trigger yet

The CCM Ribcor Trigger 2 stick, much like the new Ribcor skates have been re-engineered to maximise performance. Using a construction technology called Popmatrix, CCM have achieved a smoother transition throughout the taper, to ensure a more efficient transfer of energy through your stick into your shot.

Assisting the Trigger 2 in optimising your shot, is the low kick point and new flex profile. The low kick point translates into being able to quickly snap off your shot to catch the goalie off guard.

The new flex profile of the Trigger 2 resembles that of a Crossbow, and was developed based upon data from the CCM Performance Lab. They discovered that by enhancing the flex zone in the upper third of the shaft, it allowed for more energy to be stored in the upper and lower parts of the shaft.

A material called Sigmatex, which was introduced to CCM sticks in the Super Tacks 2.0, is also used throughout the Trigger 2 shaft. Sigmatex is not only super lightweight, but it is also incredibly strong due to the way in which has been woven under high tension. This helps to optimize performance, minimize weight, and maximise strength.

The Trigger 2 features an ‘Ascent Blade 3’ construction. Version 3 of this blade still helps with those quick release shots thanks to its increasing stiffness from heel to toe. It also features added reinforcement in the heel and toe for added durability. For increased puck feel, the Ascent 3 now features a tactile blade surface.