CCM Stick Fitter


CCM Hockey has released “The CCM Stick Fitter”

The CCM Stick Fitter is designed to recommend the best stick for the individual player, to help make the overall process of selecting and purchasing a stick simpler and more efficient.

An innovative introduction to the Hockey market, the CCM Stick Fitter is an online tool that asks players a series of in-depth questions to determine which CCM stick family (Ribcor, JetSpeed or Super Tacks) and flex is best suited for their height, weight and style of play.

Designed to ensure the most accurate results are secured, the tool asks different questions according to age group, ranging from favourite players, skills the individual aims to improve, most used shot and more.

Developed over the course of a year through extensive research and studies in the CCM Performance Lab, the final iteration of the CCM Stick Fitter was vetted and tested by young hockey players, professional NHL players and elite shooting coaches.

The CCM Performance Lab is a facility based at CCM’s Montreal headquarters, which utilizes the latest technology to test, measure and analyse a hockey player’s performance. The technology focuses on providing players with their optimal stick specs, with a focus on flex, kickpoint and stick model.

“CCM has always aimed to provide hockey players with the best performing equipment and latest technology,”said Jeff Dalzell, Vice President of Product Creation, CCM Hockey. “With this innovation, we are giving players of all ages and levels direct access to CCM expertise in order for them to easily navigate the stick-buying process and find the product that will unleash their potential on the ice.”

During testing, 80% of players who tried their recommended stick rated it higher than their current stick. These players were from various minor hockey levels including, atom, peewee and bantam. Data was received from more than 500 players throughout the development of the online stick fitting tool.

To test out and receive your personalized stick recommendation, please visit: