CCM Premier II Pro Blocker


Lighter, with great feel and protection

The CCM Premier II Pro Blocker has been updated to offer a lightweight package with the same great feel and protection.

When sliding on the blocker, the first change you’ll notice is the redesigned cuff. The new One Piece Cuff is constructed from a larger foam piece which wraps entirely around the wrist, also leaving less negative space between the wrist and back of the blocker.

The index finger of the blocker has been updated to provide better protection and seal against the stick. CCM call this the Curved Finger protection, you will se it on the sidewall of the finger and the connection point of the blocker. It also features the highly popular and effective D30 material wrapping around the finger to from pucks travelling up the stick.

Once on, the blocker feels very natural and well balanced thanks to the centred hand position. The blocker board is a thick HD board, and has the same philosophy as the Premier II pads to launch rebounds further away.

The look of the blocker is very sleek and modern with the bindingless face and sidewalls.

The retail version and colours will be available April 27th.

You can customise your own version here.