Bauer Vapor Lite Sticks


Your 2018 Vapor Stick Guide

With the launch of any new stick line-up, inevitably, the flagship model will get the most attention and exposure. It's easy to overlook the remainder of the stick line-up which has been carefully developed to offer an improved product at each price point.

The 2018 Bauer Vapor Lite stick line up is no different. The Vapor 1X Lite has garnered all the attention in the lead up to launch on our social media, and all other social Hockey channels you are no doubt following. We thought it was super important to give a little love and insight to the rest of the Vapor Lite sticks.

The entire Vapor stick lineup follows the family formula to maximise quick release to help you get your shot off faster.



For a full rundown on the 1X Lite, see our dedicated article here.

Some key upgrades from the 2016 1X stick includes a weight reduction of 15g, inclusion of ACL Technology and QRT+ Technology.



The X700 Lite represents great value and performance. It sees a massive 20g weight reduction from the 2016 X700 stick along with many features previously found on the 2016 Vapor 1X stick.

The X700 Lite features QRT technology previously found on the top of the line 2016 1X stick. As with all stick evolutions, the top of the line technologies start to migrate throughout the line. QRT technology helps to improve the recoil and release on your shots by improving energy transfer through the shaft to the blade.

Unidirectional (straight) carbon fiber is used to construct the X700 Lite shaft. This offers a solid balance of durability and playability.

The blade features a ‘Max Balance’ blade, which is a newly developed Bauer technology. Reinforced edges and carbon fiber placement reduce weight for improved balance without sacrificing blade durability. A Bimax® 3K carbon Blade wrap – Interlocking 3K carbon for added strength.

R2 resin is used to provide a high performance level of durability. A consistent resin flow throughout the stick offers added durability without sacrificing performance.


The X600 Lite may be the entry level stick, but it still benefits from upgrades over the 2016 X600 stick to offer great bang for your buck.

Constructed according to the Vapor family formula, this low kick stick will help you get your shot off faster.

The X600 Lite is features a composite shaft composed of a mix of carbon and fiberglass, resulting in a durable, lightweight stick with Vapor performance properties.

The blade features Bridgecore technology developed in house at Bauer’s R&D team. Bridgecore technology is a carbon bridge down the middle of the blade for improved stability and puck control. Greater stability means that your blade will resist the urge to twist when shooting, or receiving passes. A blade that doesn’t twist will help ensure the puck goes where you want it to.

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