Bauer Vapor ADV Stick


The lightest stick to hit the market. Ever!

EDIT Oct 2019: Check out the newly announced Bauer Supreme ADV Sticks

The lightest stick to ever hit the market is available as of today, January 27th. But be quick, only 12 sticks are available in total in the UK!

The Bauer Vapor ADV Stick has been 3 years in the making with extensive testing and developing. The Top Secret project was not known to many outside of the Bauer R&D labs, and caught many off guard when we along with other select stores began the teaser campaign.

So far, 65 NHL players have secretly made the switch to the Vapor ADV Stick. Including Oliver Ekman-Larsson who couldn't keep his under wraps until the launch date, and played with the graphics in a game earlier this week.

The Vapor ADV like it's Vapor relatives is engineered for a quick release. The ADV features fully integrated Advanced Carbon Layering which helps to reduce the weight of the stick, whilst maintaining durability. To assist with getting your quickest release, the blade and taper is more dynamic to increase the recoil speed. The speed at which the stick whips back towards your target.

So it's the lightest stick to hit the market, how light is it?!

The Senior Vapor ADV stick weighs in at 355g, whilst the intermediate weighs in at 341g!

Because this stick is a super limited release, it is only available worldwide in the P92 cure, and is only available in 67,77,87 flex.

Visit us in store to get your hands on one and check them out before they are all gone. #VAPORADV

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