Bauer's #HockeyAtHome


Bauer are launching #HockeyAtHome on social media.

To help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, people across the world are being asked to stay home. We fully support this initiative and understand the importance of social distancing in minimizing the spread of the virus, especially to the most vulnerable.

However... we can't live without hockey and we know you can't either! 

That’s why Bauer are launching #HockeyAtHome on social media. It’s an initiative where everyone in the hockey community can share their joy, hunger, commitment and passion for the sport. 

Over the next few weeks, Bauer will be posting ideas on how to train, have fun and stay connected with the greatest game on earth.  

To lift the spirit of the hockey world, BAUER need YOUR help! We encourage you, your organization and your players to get involved. Whether it be preparations for the future, work around the rink or locker rooms, off-ice training or tips for training at home, we want to see how you are staying connected with the game!

Use #HockeyAtHome in your social media posts, and BAUER will be sharing selected content to their social media pages. The #HockeyAtHome campaign kicked off Thursday with a video showcasing how our BAUER families are keeping their love for the game alive, which you can view here:

Thank you and stay safe Hockey Family!