Adidas NHL Jerseys


Adidas NHL Jersey Teasers

Whilst the champagne was still drying on the Penguins Locker room celebration, the NHL and Adidas Hockey have unveiled their #FormTheFuture campaign on social media.

Official NHL team accounts began to share images as part of the #FormTheFuture campaign which shows a close-up section of the new Adidas made jerseys.

It’s been widely speculated how many teams will be getting full re-designs and tweaks to their uniforms under Adidas for the 2017/18 season. Some of that speculation will remain until the official launch onJune 20th, at an event in Las Vegas, or should we now just say Vegas?

Speaking of Vegas, we get our first glimpse of the Golden Knights jersey, which appears to be grey rather than black. If you look closely, you can gleam some of the new materials being used on some of the jerseys, particularly on the logos.

Will your team be changing their jersey? Just another 7 days to wait to see all of the new jerseys in all their glory!